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EFT is a very flexible self-improvement tool with a wide variety of possible applications. I use EFT as an element of Integrative Psychotherapy, and continue to have extraordinary results with a wide range of clients and issues.

While EFT or “Tapping” is new here in the West, it’s based on established energy meridians from Eastern medicine, and from knowledge confirmed by western scientists since Einstein. “Everything is made of energy” does include the human body, but our medical and psychotherapy procedures don’t often take that into account!

With EFT, instead of using needles on energy or acu-points to balance the body’s energy systems, you use gentle tapping. The basic EFT form is easy to learn, and can bring relief from a huge range of emotional, physical, and behavioral issues as the underlying emotional charge is eased. You can expect these kinds of shifts and experiences in your life, as I see over and over again with my clients:

  • Relief from emotional states and symptoms - EFT often can shift what can take much longer using the best of more conventional talk therapy.
  • Getting “unstuck” from patterns and blocks you no longer want in your life.
  • A lessened intensity of traumatic memories so they no longer interrupt sleep or negatively affect activities or relationships.
  • New perspectives on problems, relationships, and life possibilities.
  • Dissolving fears and anxieties to free you up for new choices and directions.
  • Becoming able to live in a relaxed, creative state more of the time.
  • Developing your “peak performance” at work, in hobbies, or in sports.
  • Noticing that physical symptoms - low energy, headaches, pain, and others - go away after the underlying emotional intensity has been dissolved.

EFT has helped thousands of people with physical and emotional healing.

I see this all the time in my practice: EFT works quickly on issues and symptoms people have been trying to heal, often for years, through therapy, body work, and other approaches. Even those clients who have chosen talk therapy and have had positive changes often heal more quickly and deeply once they add EFT to the picture.

I teach EFT so that you can confidently use the basic form right away after our first session. Children learn “Tapping” quickly too and often become instant experts and want to teach their friends who have nightmares or nervousness or some other problem.

If you already know EFT I can help you use it most effectively with more complex challenges, or we can create strategies for you to reach peak performance and greater inner freedom in the areas of life most important to you.

I offer a free 15 minute phone or email consult to help you decide whether EFT and my approaches to it are right for the relief or healing you are looking for. Call or email schedule your free consult.

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